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Avocado Ice Cream (Sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto friendly)

Ice cream is by far one of my favorite things, especially in the summer. However- dairy bloat, sugar slumps, and crazy amounts of calories to enjoy said ice cream are not! Cue avocado ice cream!   You don’t even taste…
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Shelby’s Transformation!

SO proud of this mama and her 6 week results from the “Resolution Restart” online group program! With home workouts and a nutrition approach customized to her she’s made so many great changes  in a short time. Make sure you’re…
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Sugar-Free BCAA/Amino Gummies

Such a good diet-hack for anyone who has a sweet tooth- replace your regular gummie candies with this high protein, sugar-free version!     Ingredients: 3 envelopes of plain gelatin (I use Knox) 1 scoop of your favorite Branch Chain…
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25 Days of Kindness 2016 Calendar

Make sure you follow my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date with my daily acts of kindness and share YOURS with me using the hashtag #25daysofkindnesswithkyfit No matter how big or how small the act, you can…
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Superfoods Chia Pudding Recipe!

I asked you to VOTE for what recipe should be included in my November newsletter and the winner was, CHIA! I have been obsessed with chia pudding lately- you may have noticed. It’s so satisfying and a great way to…
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